Writing sample proofreading

Getting into the LLM, PhD or SJD programme of your choice is a highly competitive business – your application is going to be assessed against many others, sometimes hundreds of others.

You might be required to submit a writing sample as part of your post-graduate application. Your writing sample has a number of purposes, among which is that it has to demonstrate your awareness of academic conventions and ethics regarding citing sources and avoiding plagiarism. If you are in doubt, consult us for advice and one of our law professors will assist you with your writing sample.

A writing sample is a really important tool for an admissions committee to assess your application (or for an employer to assess your suitability as a new employee). In any case, the writing sample should demonstrate your writing ability, and especially your analytical skills. Careful selection of the sample is essential, so contact us for more details.

There are usually quite specific rules regarding the sample. Some universities will ask you to submit a piece of work that has already been submitted and graded, and you are not allowed to make any changes to it. Sometimes you are allowed to create a new piece of work. There is a word limit, too, perhaps 2,000 or 3,000 words would be normal for most LLM programmes.

Check the details carefully as it will affect your selection. We can help you with the requirements and in selecting your piece of writing.

The first decision you have two make is whether to create a completely new piece of writing or use something that you’ve submitted earlier on a course or perhaps as part of your employment.

We can help you regardless. Fill in the form below and we will guide you from this moment until you submit your writing sample.

It is very important to make sure that there is not a trace of plagiarism – consider that the university will run your work through a plagiarism software checker. If it turns up significant ‘matches’, your application is not going to get far.

Beware of the rules

Each university has its own rules and it is your responsibility to read those carefully before you commence the process of creating a writing sample. If you are using our service then do not worry about those rules, because we already know those rules, and we will implement them in your sample when we reach that stage. Tell us your target universities and we will help you prepare your application

Citations and arguments

Make sure you have correct use of citations – they should be internally consistent and consistent with the relevant style guide. Proper structure and flow of argument along with signposting so that the reader knows where you are going with your arguments are all crucial factors in having your writing sample accepted by a university.

Hire the best

We have supervised the preparation of over 700 writing samples for students, so we know the rules and guidelines of most universities, and we have law professors to guarantee the quality of editing and proofreading work on your sample. We will coach you and help you improve your writing.

Your writing sample is a key indicator of your potential and it must showcase your ability to research, write, analyse and synthesise information. Its not just about proofreading, hence you need a law professor who knows what you are talking about to create a successful package.

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