Reviews on Law Thesis Proofreading

Below are some reviews on our editing and proofreading services from customers who have used our proofreading with you services before and wanted to share their comments on Law Thesis Proofreading with you.
.. my research proposal was accepted and I am so excited, thank you for changing my argument to option 2 that was the right thing to do as I was told by the committee yesterday.
Jonei, from Korea

Thanks a lot for all the changes you made to my thesis. my supervisors were very impressed. I will be sending my next chapter soon but I hope you can give me some discount as my next chapter will be about 27000 words.
Fatima from Kuwait

thank you for the proofreading, we have notified our students about your proofreading services and expect a lot more to come from us.
Heather from New Zealand

Excellent editing quality, you exceeded my expectation although I was hesitating at the begging to use your service but I am glad I did go along with my friend referral.
Steve from New Zealand

thank you very much for making all those changes to my writing sample in a very short time. I got accepted at Oxford just few hours ago, and you are the first one to let you know. I will use your service again once I start on my phd.
Abdullah, Saudi Arabia

Awesome proofreading and service, it took extra day but at the end of the day the editing was just perfect, definitely will use your service again. thank you
Sonia from USA

very good work law thesis, I will send my second chapter in a week time.
Josian from Holland
I am very happy with my first chapter, and now I am just waiting for a confirmation from my supervisor before sending you the rest of my thesis. stay toned ..
Ahmed from Kuwait

Thanks Dr McKenzi for such a great job on my thesis, I will let you know the outcome after I finish my oral examination this afternoon.
Racheal from UK

thank you for a great proofreading, I am working on my final chapter and will send it in few days.
Marije from Holland

Thank you for good proofreading, my friend was right about your service.
Chang from China
thank you very much, excellent service.
Mohammed from Saudi Arabia

my supervisors were very happy with my thesis and I am so glad dr Myra for your comments.
Laila from Kuwait

very good services and professional proofreading I recommend you to anyone. thank you for my editing my thesis and improving the conclusion that needed a lot of work.
Laquan from Singapore

good service, it took long time but you have done a great work and my research proposal was accepted yesterday and now I am looking forward to work with you on my thesis.
Hamas from Qatar