Proofreading reports help you to improve your thesis writing

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Personal one-to-one contact with your proofreader. Our clients appreciate being able to contact their proofreader on a one-to-one basis. When your proofreader is appointed, you will be given their name, their phone number and their email address. You can contact them and let them know your specific requirements or any concerns that you have. Perhaps your supervisor has given you specific comments on your thesis chapter – pass those on to the proofreader so that they can keep them in mind.

Throughout the editing and proofreading process, you can email or message them anytime you wish with any comments about the work. That is a service which is really comforting to our clients. They can make sure that the proofreader who is handling their work is a real person, is on track and is taking all their concerns into account.

Helps you to improve your thesis writing

Our proofreaders write a ‘proofreading report’ for you. This explains many of the changes that the proofreader made. This helps you to understand why they have changed something, but more importantly, it helps you to improve your writing. So, next time you write a chapter, essay, thesis or dissertation, you will not make the same mistakes. That also gives you great value for money because you not only get your document proofread, you also get some one-on-one tutoring as to how to improve your legal writing. We challenge you to find another service which offers reports like ours!

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