Terms & Conditions

  1. This website, referred to herein as “lawthesisproofreading.com”, or “I” “we”, “our”, “the site” or “us”, provides the lawthesisproofreading.com website to individuals, groups, universities and companies (“the Service”).
  2. Your use of this website and the Service is completely conditional upon your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, including any future amendments (“the Agreement”).
  3. Lawthesisproofreading.com reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify, add, or remove parts of this Agreement at any time. Such changes will become effective immediately once they appear on lawthesisproofreading.com.
  4. Lawthesisproofreading.com provides editing and proofreading services. We check texts for, inter alia, spelling errors, grammatical errors, vocabulary choice, logic, sentence structure, citation, referencing, and both sentence and paragraph flow.
  5. You accept that you are solely responsible for any content you send to us by email or by uploading to the site.
  6. All text, graphics, photographs, trademarks, logos, artwork, content, and computer code including but not limited to the design, structure, look and feel of this website is owned by lawthesisproofreading.com
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  9. Lawthesisproofreading.com may, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, terminate your access to the Service if it finds out that you have violated this Agreement.
  10. Your personal information will not be passed on to a third party.
  11. Even though we do take care regarding security issues, nevertheless, the security of your files remains your full responsibility.
  12. Files are automatically deleted from our system 3 days after receiving them.
  13. All copies of your documents including originals are kept offline for security reasons. Should you need a copy of any of your files, you must email us from the same email account that we have on file for you.
  14. A copy of your document will be emailed to you upon request within 24hrs of that request, free of charge.
  15. Lawthesisproofreading.com will try its best to reduce the number of errors present in your text document. However, it is possible that some errors may still be present in your final document. Our proofreaders are human and human errors are not unusual. Therefore, you acknowledge and accept that the final document which you receive may not be totally and completely error-free.
  16. If you are dissatisfied with our service, or with any of our terms and conditions, your only solution is to discontinue using our services. You may be entitled to a partial refund but this is at our sole discretion.
  17. We cannot be held legally or otherwise responsible for unsatisfactory outcomes of any document that we edit or proofread for you.
  18. You must acknowledge that it is your sole responsibility to ensure that your work does not breach copyright laws or guidelines of any country.
  19. Work to be submitted to an academic institution must be your own, we do not add content nor we re-write your content, as this would mount to cheating.
  20. We do NOT provide editor’s contact details or any information to customers unless we feel there is a need to it.
  21. Payment is to be received in full before any work will commence.
  22. Your completed work will be returned to you electronically via email only. No hard copies will be posted to you.
  23. It is your own responsibility to ensure that you provide us with your current and correct contact details.
  24. We shall try to meet your requested turnaround, but we reserve the right to extend our turnaround deadlines if our proofreaders believe that the document in question requires extra amendments which will require greater time to complete.
  25. We shall do our utmost to meet your chosen turnaround times. However, in some instances this will not be achieved due to many different reasons such as technical failures or personal issues.
  26. In such instances we may offer partial or full refunds at our discretion, which represents our ‘guarantee’. We accept no liability for failure to deliver as estimated.
  27. Editing and proofreading dose not mean we rewrite your document nor we change the content/argument of your submitted document.
  28. The Free Editing Review is for minor changes, if the changes are substantial we can still assist you but there may be a small additional charge, depending on the extent of the changes required.
  29. Refunds and partial refunds in certain circumstances may be offered solely at our discretion.
  30. All our services are charged in US dollars, regardless of different currencies’ exchange rates.
  31. All extra charges you may incur from your bank or from any other 3rd party due to the use of our services are at your own cost.
  32. Lawthesisproofreading.com can not guarantee the acceptance of your thesis nor can we guarantee your final grade based on the services we provide to you.
  33. Cancellation Fee of $95 or 10%—which ever is greater— is deducted from your initial payment if you cancel your order within 60 minutes of submission.
  34. No refund is given if you cancel your order after 60 minutes of submission.
  35. You acknowledged that you have made payment via PayPal as soon as you submit to us your document and that no refund or cancellation can be obtained via PayPal nor from Law Thesis Proofreading.
  36. You are liable for any charges that you may encore buy using PayPal and no fees or bank charges shall be paid to you nor to PayPal as a result of using our services.
  37. If you have any concerns with our Service, which cannot be resolved by ceasing to use the Service as stipulated above in clause 16, you must first contact us to try to resolve the dispute. Litigation is a final resort which is only available once all other means have failed to resolve the problem.