We don’t just hire any native English to edit your thesis, we are law professors

No extra Cost

You will only pay what we agreed on. No extra charges and no hidden fees later on. You have 30 days to request a free review of your document should your examiners request some changes to your document.

Law Professors

We only engage with law professors, so you can be assured of receiving academic proofreading to a very high standard with an expert in an area of law that matches your document.

Subject Matter

We know what you wrote about in your thesis, because our proofreaders teach law at universities and they will edit, reword and paraphrase your work to a university submission standard.

Simply On-time

We know you have a dead line to meet. You will receive your document from us edited and proofread on-time or your money back guarantee. Our editors are working 24/7 to meet deadlines.

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Thesis / Dissertation

Research Proposal


Writing Sample

Essay Editing

Avoid ‘grammar checker’ tools as they do not pick up the meaning of what you say. Many students resubmit their essay with us after it has been rejected by their teacher.


Research Proposal

We can help you develop your research proposal from wherever you are at, edit, proofread it and get it accepted by the university of your choice.


Thesis Proofreading

Get a law professor to edit and proofread your law thesis, someone who knows what your paper is about. We teach your papers at universities.


Writing Sample

Getting into the LLM, PhD or SJD programme of your choice is a highly competitive business – your application is going to be assessed against many others.


We don’t just spell check

Comprehensive Editing & Proofreading

01. Academic Proofreading

- Spelling, grammar & punctuation
- Verb tense & subject-verb
- Pronoun-noun agreements
- Paraphrasing, rewriting & rewording
- Fine-tune vocabulary & word-choice
- Strengthen academic writing style

02. Comprehensive Editing

- Repetition & redundancies
- Referencing & citation
- Correct bibliography & table of contents
- Improve statements and arguments
- Professional formatting
- Layout & style improvements

03. Re-wording & Paraphrasing

- A law professor who has the right legal background, who understands your topic; sections of law; legal terms; legal citation and referencing.
- Overall review by a second professor, a fresh set of eyes to bring your document to a high level of perfection, so that you feel confident to present your thesis to your supervisors.

Easy Proofreading Process


Fill in the submission form, upload your document and make payment.


We assign you a law professor who has the relevant background.


Your document emailed to you on time or money back guarantee.


Due to demand by students within the last few years, we now offer thesis writing to any one, anywhere with 100% confidential process.

We are writers and law academics, what you do with a thesis that we write for you is totally up to you. We are not interested in how you use it and where you use it. We write your thesis for you as an editing service, thats all of it.

Whether you need an LLM thesis or a PhD thesis, or a shorter dissertation, you will spend many months, possibly several years, researching and writing your thesis. A doctoral thesis takes approxiamtely 3-5 years to research and write, an LLM thesis can take between 1-3 years.

  1. Your thesis will be written by a law professor, and not by just any english speaking ghost.
  2. Your written thesis is 100% plaigarism free.
  3. Your written thesis is 100% original.
  4. Your thesis is dellivered to you ontime or your money back guarantee.
  5. 100% Confidential process. Do not tell us anything about yourself if you wish so.

Write me thesis for me


Being a native English speaker is NOT a qualification for editing and proofreading legal documents.

On average we have found that each thesis we receive from students contains at least 35 errors on a single page. On average, editing and proofreading a thesis of 60,000 – 100,000 words takes a law professor about 5 days. This is because our Comprehensive Editing and Proofreading service meets the highest academic and publishing standards.

So is your thesis error-free?

Write my Research Proposal

Can we write a research proposal for you? yes-we-can. If you try writing down your ideas so far and your references we can write it for you and ensure that it is long enough/contains the correct sections to be be considered.

So, if you want to proceed, starting reading in the areas that you want to conduct your PhD. Then start writing some notes on what your research will talk about and why it is novel. Add in the references you have so far. Then we can take it from there. We will need 1-2 months to work on it. The cost will include the time for research and the time for writing up the proposal, and we will then edited and proofread it for you.

If you are stuck for ideas, let us know we will help you realise your goals of getting into a PhD program and we will do our best to assist.

Research Proposal Form


Our professors teach the following law papers at universities

We have proofreaders with experience in areas of public international law, private international law, comparative law, international criminal law, international commercial law, arbitration, company law, commercial transactions law, tort law, contract law, property law, interdisciplinary law, terrorism and law, cyber-law, cyber-terrorism, immigration law, nationality law, jurisprudence, sociology and law, civil procedure, criminal procedure and a range of other areas.

So who’s your proofreader?


Our editing and proofreading service offers more than just proofreading your thesis or dissertation. If you do some research we think that you will find almost all proofreaders simply read your work and correct obvious spelling and grammar errors. If they are not law professors they will most likely have no idea whether your terminology is correct and they will not even notice incorrect word choices.

This is especially important for an LLM or a PhD candidate who speaks English as a second language (ESOL). You cannot always discern the correct word for a particular legal context since you are not completely familiar with English legal terminology. Even specialist translators sometimes choose the wrong word for a particular legal context because they are translating – they lack the knowledge about the law in English to choose the correct terminology for the correct context.