Why students use Law Thesis Proofreading

We have taught many law students from around the world. We have written many exams, essays, articles and reviews. We have read many theses on different topics. Thus, over the years we have built a significant base of knowledge and experience. We know what makes a good thesis and what doesn’t.

  • Law students know that by coming to lawthesisproofreading.com they will be able to engage with experts who are fully aware of their subject since we teach law courses ourselves. We have read many theses and we understand what the student is trying to accomplish when writing their thesis.
  • Most students appreciate the fact that a law professor is proofreading their thesis. It gives them confidence in submitting their dissertation to the examiners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What writing style do you follow?

It's up to you to choose which writing style you want us to follow when editing and proofreading your thesis. Our Submission Form based on 5 categories for you to choose from: OSCOLA (UK), The Blue Book (US), NLSG (NZ), Business Editing, and Leave As Is. As for English: you can choose English UK or English US. Normally its based around the university that you are studying at. But check with your supervisors first.

Can I send my thesis before making payment?

Upsolutley, you use our contact form to send us your thesis before you make any payment, we will have it checked by a law professors and get back to you with some comments on how to improve it.

How do you set your proofreading prices?

There are many proofreading websites online that offer lower and higher prices than us, but as the saying goes, 'you get what you pay for'. Many online proofreading services do not verify their proofreaders, so you do not know who will be editing your work. In addition, they may not even be from a legal academic background or they might be a student just like you. You will see that they call themselves 'project managers', 'editors', or 'proofreaders' and that is quite different from being a law professor - they could be nothing more than a native English speaker. By contrast, Law Thesis Proofreading uses only law professors who are currently lecturing at universities. Furthermore, you can call, email or message them directly at anytime to discuss your work. We believe we offer excellent value for money given the strength and quality of our editing and proofreading that is done exclusively by our selected law professors.

Can I speak to your professors before proofreading my thesis?

Absolutely. You can email our professors, text them or even Skype them. Once we receive your work, a professor will contact you (upon request) before they begin proofreading your thesis to discuss any concerns you may have about your thesis.

Do you charge extra for revision requested by the examiners?

No. Examiners will sometimes request some style or formatting changes to your thesis after you submit it to them. We are happy to make those changes for you free of charge.

Are my credit card details secure on your website?

Yes, your credit card details are absolutely safe and secure. We pay extra charges to protect our website activities and all transactions go through a security gate to ensure a safe online environment.

Do you guarantee my thesis will be accepted by the examiners?

Every student used our editing service was overwhelmed by the high grade they received. Although we can not guarantee a pass for any student. But we do guarantee by being law professors means that we proofread your thesis / dissertation to a standard that we know examiners are expecting. This will improve your grade. Hence, there is a real benefit in having a law professor proofread your thesis or essay.

Can you write a thesis for me?

No, but we can help you finish it once you have started. For example, if you have written a few chapters but do not know how to put them together we can help you to get the structure sorted out, from the introduction through to the conclusion. If you have not started writing your thesis and you want some ideas about how and where to start, we can also help kick-start your thesis or essay. Send us your draft, or whatever you have managed to write, along with any instructions that you think are relevant. We can edit it for you and guide you through the process towards completion.

Do you offer urgent proofreading?

Yes, we do offer urgent editing and proofreading, a fee is applicable, it depends on the type of document and the word count. please contact us first.

Can I request a copy of my thesis any time in the future?

Yes. We offer permanent storage of all your files including originals, so that you can download them anytime, as many times as you need, all free of charge.

Do you guarantee that my thesis or essay won't be misused?

Yes, we do guarantee 100% to protect your thesis and all other documents you send us. We do this by keeping all your files offline as this is the only way to keep your files totally safe from online misuse. Should you need a copy of your files at any time you will need to contact us to get a link to your email to download within 24hrs.

What types of documents you proofread?

Students from around the world send us documents as diverse as chapters in theses, PhD theses, LLM theses, PhD and SJD research proposals, conference abtracts, law review articles and law essays. We understand that a dissertation or thesis is the result of many, many hours of research and writing – our service helps you to ensure that the end product matches your intentions and your supervisor’s expectations.