How important is your thesis or dissertation to you?

law thesis proofreading

Before you choose your proofreading service, ask yourself this question: how important is my thesis, dissertation, essay, article? Will it matter to me if my supervisor rejects it? Will it matter to me if I am told that the writing is unclear and that it cannot proceed to an oral examination? Will it matter if my conference abstract is rejected? If you answer ‘yes’ to these questions, then please don’t take chances with your proofreading service. Please do it once and do it properly. Trust us to take care your proofreading.

Understanding your topic. All of our proofreaders are law professors so we will find one that has some knowledge of your topic – either a professor who has taught in that subject area or a professor who has published in that area. That’s really important because sometimes you might use terms that sound fine in English, but they don’t work within the narrow and specific context of legal writing. If you are writing your thesis in English, and you have translated some terms, you really need an English-speaking law professor to read it over. Sometimes there are glaring errors which must be corrected. We can pick those up – proofreaders without a background in law cannot.