How to start my LLM research proposal

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Can we write a research proposal for you? We can’t write it from scratch for you as that would amount to cheating – it must be your own work – but we can help you with it. If you try writing down your ideas so far and your references we can enhance it and ensure that it is long enough/contains the correct sections to be be considered. We cannot guarantee that it will be accepted as that is entirely within the discretion of the supervisors who receive it.

To write a research proposal for a PhD from scratch you wold need to allow your self at least 2 months to do the required reading and then to write it up. We would need the same time. It is a labour intensive process because a Phd must contribute something original to the literature.

You would need to select your topic and write your thoughts on it before we could work on it, then we will endeavour to work it up into a full proposal. That way, it will be your own work and also there will be no surprises that you were not aware of the direction of the research, the topic, etc. We cannot simply prepare a PhD research proposal and present it to you for your approval – that would not work on a number of levels.

So, if you want to proceed, starting reading in the areas that you want to conduct your PhD. Then start writing some notes on what your research will talk about and why it is novel. Add in the references you have so far. Then we can take it from there. We will need 1-2 months to work on it. The cost will include the time for research and the time for writing up the proposal, and we will then edited and proofread it for you.

If you want to proceed and seek our assistance with your proposal, the first thing you need to do is confirm your topic. That takes time since you have to read quite a lot to narrow down your topic.

If you want to do a SJD in the US, then you need to be aware of the supervisors who might be available at your chosen institution to supervise your chosen topic. A PhD depends a lot on the partnership between candidate and supervisor(s) so you need to proceed carefully in choosing people with whom you can work and who have expertise in your field.

So check out what PhD theses have already been written in your area of interest to ensure your research topic is original.

If you are stuck for ideas, let us know we will help you realise your goals of getting into a PhD program and we will do our best to assist.


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