Achieving the dream of a postgraduate law degree

law thesis proofreading

Many law students finish their LLB degree and dream of undertaking an LLM or a PhD. They often dream of travelling to the US or the UK to undertake their postgraduate law studies. But they face a doubly difficult task if their first language is not English. A doctoral thesis is the highest qualification that a student can aspire to.

It takes years of careful research and writing. A very high level of English is required. Some students can reach that level on their whilst most need some assistance. At the end of that process, all candidates need to have their work proofread. Sometimes students prefer to have each chapter proofread as they write it.

But in any case, a thesis or dissertation must be proofread thoroughly before it is submitted for examination. Errors of spelling, grammar, incorrect word choice, incoherent sentence structure and poor heading numbering are all common errors that our proofreaders fix on a daily basis. We can assure you of the quality of the editing and proofreading because all of our proofreaders are either present or past law professors. They understand what is needed and they will edit and proofread your work to the highest standard. We want you to attain your postgraduate law qualification.

We can’t write your thesis for you. That’s your job, for sure. But we can help polish it up for you, make sure that the language is clear and understandable, so that you can have the best chance possible of gaining your degree.