Academic proofreading thesis for LLM or a PhD in law

law thesis proofreading

Our proofreaders specialize in law theses. We have proofreaders with experience in areas of public international law, private international law, comparative law, international criminal law, commercial law, company law, commercial transactions law, tort law, contract law, property law, law and humanities, interdisciplinary law, terrorism and law, cyber-law, cyber-terrorism, immigration law, nationality law, jurisprudence, sociology and law, civil procedure, criminal procedure and a range of other areas.

If you have written an LLM thesis or a PhD thesis in law, you would not want to entrust its proofreading to someone who isnt familiar with the law. All of our proofreaders are current or past law professors. They are motivated to help students present their arguments in a clear and coherent way.

Every university wants their LLM and PhD students to succeed through the arduous process of postgraduate research. Our proofreaders have been through that process themselves. They have personal experience has LLM and PhD law students and they have supervised other LLM and PhD students.

They know the standard of writing that is expected so that when they help you by editing and proofreading your thesis they utilize their years of experience in the law to do so. Don’t entrust your hard work to someone who does proofreading as a hobby. Entrust it to someone who has a passion for helping students to succeed.

Our proofreaders are perfectionists. They will help you to perfect your thesis. They will be in touch with you throughout the process to make sure that every sentence is clear and strong. Remember that your work will be associated with your name forever. You want to make sure that you get the best proofreaders you can to work on your thesis. Only our service can offer that to you.