Want to pass or gain distinction?

law thesis proofreading

Many of our clients write to us after their work has been examined and they thank us for the editing and proofreading work that we provided. A common compliment is that they achieved ‘distinction’ for their thesis or their dissertation and they tell us that they wouldn’t have achieved that without our help.

Your research might be excellent but if your writing doesn’t reflect it, you will not gain the high honours that you are seeking. Every little thing counts when it comes to assessing a law thesis or dissertation: every capital letter, every piece of punctuation, every sentence and every footnote plays a part. If you want your thesis or dissertation to reflect all your hard work, we strongly encourage you to utilize our profressional editing and proofreading services.

All our proofreaders are carefully vetted. They all hold PhD degrees in law. They all teach, or used to teach law. They have all published books and articles. They understand the level of perfection and the clarity of writing that is needed to have a law thesis or dissertation pass an examination. They also know what makes an excellent thesis stand out from a mere ‘pass’. They will work with you individually to hear your comments, queries and suggestions. They will read your supervisors’ comments and they will give your work their complete attention until the editing and proofreading is complete.