We accept articles relating to the following:

  1. Any topic or subject related to legal studies in any jurisdiction.
  2. Law pedagogy – the study of teaching law in theory and in practice.
  3. Student development, study skills and student support.
  4. Enrolment, applications and universities’ administration information.
  5. Law careers and future development for post-graduate students.
  6. Improving the quality of law students’ research and writing outputs.
  7. Plagiarism and research ethics for law students.
  8. Law students’ lifestyle and exam preparation skills.
  9. Advice and tips for law students regarding surviving a PhD or an LLM.
  10. Current legal debates on issues in the media.

If you wish to submit, please keep the following points in mind:

  1. An academic standard of writing is preferable although footnotes are not essential.
  2. Opinion pieces are especially welcome on matters of current legal interest.
  3. Your article should be free from spelling and grammar errors.
  4. All information must be accurate and credible.
  5. Word limit range is from 1000-10,000 words including footnotes (if appropriate).
  6. An image or graphic for the article is desirable but not necessary.
  7. We will have a indefinite and non-exclusive right to publish your article. You can submit your article and have it published elsewhere as well.
  8. We reserve the right to reject your submission and may not provide an explanation.
  9. All submissions from authors may or may not be published on time, although we do intend to publish all articles within 3 days of submission.
  10. You are responsible for ensuring that your article and any images/graphics submitted do not infringe any other party’s copyright and if there is any such infringement it remains your full responsibility in relation to the concerned party.
  11. We do not pay for articles and we do not ask you to pay us to post them. This is a free service to help disseminate legal information freely to interested readers and also to improve students’ academic reading and writing capabilities.