Standard Proofreading or Comprehensive Editing?

The standard proofreading is actually for those who english language is their mother tongue and need to have their final document up to publishing standard in terms of spelling errors, grammar, punctuation & verb tense. Subject-verb and pronoun-noun agreements, repetition, redundancies and run-on sentences. We also check your referencing and citation. Ensuring that your bibliography and table of contents are correct as well as some basic format to improve the style and layout of your thesis.

As for the Comprehensive Editing and Rewording service it is for those who english is their second language. hence the name “Comprehensive” so it is basically the All Standard Proofreading Services (above) plus:

Paraphrasing, rewriting and rewording without changing your theme and what you are trying to say. Fine-tune vocabulary and word-choice, strengthen academic writing style to improve statements and arguments. We check your thesis / dissertation for both style and content.

Every thesis and essay you submit to us will be proofread by chief editor and by another law professor, a second ‘set of eyes’, to ensure correct academic protocols are observed for quoting and citing sources, to maintain readability and to ensure internal consistency in both the main text and the footnotes.

Your document will be checked several times to ensure that the writing flows, that word choice is appropriate, and that your arguments and statements are coherent.