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1000s of students from universities around the World use Law Thesis Proofreading for their legal editing services. Because we are experts in Law Thesis Proofreading we offer Money Back Guarantee if your thesis does not meet university standards after our editing.

Our proofreaders teach abroad spectrum of subjects including public international law, private international law, comparative law, international criminal law, international commercial law, company law, commercial transactions law, tort law, contract law, property law, terrorism and law, cyber-law, cyber-terrorism, immigration law, nationality law, jurisprudence, sociology and law, civil procedure and criminal procedure.

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01. Academic Proofreading
– Spelling, grammar & punctuation
– Verb tense & subject-verb
– Pronoun-noun agreements
– Paraphrasing, rewriting & rewording
– Fine-tuning vocabulary & word-choice
– Strengthen academic writing style

02. Comprehensive Editing
– Repetition & redundancies
– Referencing & citation
– Correct bibliography & table of contents
– Improve statements and arguments
– Professional formatting
– Layout & style improvements

03. Rejected by examiners
We often re-edit thesis that has been proofread by other proofreading websites. Most proofreaders fail to comply with the OSCOLA or the Blue Book when checking your referencing—because it is tricky and time-consuming—and thus your thesis will not likely proceed to an oral examination until those errors are corrected.