Capitalisation, Ibid, supra and Infra & footnotes

law thesis proofreading

One of the sure signs that a piece of work has been written by an ESOL student is the unnecessary use of capitalisation. If you have trouble deciding when to use a capital letter and when not to, don’t worry, we know what to do! If we have any doubts about your rationale for capitalising words, we will email or message you to ask why you have chosen to capitalise something or not capitalise. There has to be a good reason for capitalising words  – it’s not a random thing! Some people make the mistake of using capital letters when they want to emphasise a word. We can fix that and bring your document up to professional standards. Unnecessary capitalisation can drive a supervisor crazy – and it can show that you have not properly proofread your document before submission.

Footnotes – they can be such a pain! There are so many rules for correct footnoting. You may find this aspect of your writing frustrating. You want to focus on the main content but you know that your footnotes require a lot of work. If you include them in your word count, we can fix them for you. Equally, if you think you have the rules under control, exclude them from your word count and we can just focus on the main text. Footnotes are tricky and time-consuming but they are essential to all academic writing, whether it be a a Masters’ thesis, a doctoral thesis, a dissertation, an essay or a law review article. You must cite your sources correctly and oberve the rules. We can help!

Ibid, supra and infra: Many students struggle to understand how to use ibid, supra and infra. Our proofreaders know how to use these Latin terms because they use them all the time. They will check to make sure you have used them correctly. This will save your some time and possibly even some embarrassment – incorrectly using them is a sure sign that you haven’t yet mastered the conventions of academic writing. We will help you to understand how and when to use these Latin terms correctly in your LLM thesis, PhD thesis, SJD thesis, law review article or any other piece of legal writing. In the future, you will know and you won’t need our help with them anymore.