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20 Errors

On average we have found that each thesis we receive from students contains 20 errors on a single page. On average, editing and proofreading a thesis of 60,000 – 100,000 words takes about 5 days. This is because our Comprehensive Editing and Proofreading service meets the highest academic and publishing standards.

Legal Citation

All our editing and proofreading complies with either the AGLC (AU), Business Editing, Chicago Citation (US), Harvard Style, McGill (Canada), NLSG (NZ), OSCOLA (UK), The Blue Book (US) or your choice.

Proofreading Submission Form for All Legal Documents


Academic Proofreading

– Spelling, grammar & punctuation
– Verb tense & subject-verb
– Pronoun-noun agreements
– Paraphrasing, rewriting & rewording
– Fine-tuning vocabulary & word-choice
– Strengthen academic writing style

Comprehensive Editing

– Re-wording & Paraphrasing
– Repetition & redundancies
– Referencing & citation
– Correct bibliography & table of contents
– Improve statements and arguments
– Professional formatting
– Layout & style improvements

Rejected by examiners

We often re-edit thesis that has been proofread by other proofreading websites. Most proofreaders fail to comply with the OSCOLA or the Blue Book when checking your referencing—because it is tricky and time-consuming—and thus your thesis will not likely proceed to an oral examination until those errors are corrected.