The importance of editing and proofreading my thesis

law thesis proofreading

Whether you are writing an LLM thesis or a PhD thesis, or a shorter dissertation, you will spend many months, possibly several years, researching and writing your thesis. A doctoral thesis takes approxiamtely 3-5 years to research and write, an LLM thesis can take between 1-3 years.

A dissertation can take a few months, a semester or even one to two years before it is ready to be submitted. After all that research and writing, the final step every candidate must take before submitting is proofreading.

Proofreading your law thesis or law dissertation is not an optional extra: it is absolutley vital to the overall success of your post-graduate education. If you are a native English speaker you have an advantange when writing in English so you can use our simple proofreading service. However, if English is your second or third language you should definitely seek out a profressional proofreader such as ours who can edit and proofread your work.

Our proofreaders will carefully read and correct your work before submission. They will read every word of your text from the title, to the footnotes and bibliography. Every comma and full-stop, every capital letter and technical term will be carefully assessed. It is a waste of your energy to submit a thesis that has solid research but is presented with poor grammar, weak language structure, spelling errors, capitalisation and punctuation errors not to mention incorrect word choice.

Our professional editors and proofreaders all hold PhDs in law and they either currently supervise or have supervised LLM and PhD students. They understand the level of perfection that is needed to help polish your thesis before submission. Don’t ruin months or years of work on your thesis or dissertation by submitting work that is riddled with errors.


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