Reviews on Law Thesis Proofreading


If you have used our editing and proofreading services before, then please leave us your review on how we did, your reviews are very important to us as much as its for new customers who needs some feedback from people like you:

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I have used few proofreading websites before but non of them managed to pick up on all the errors were in my thesis. thank you for such a perfect proofreading, I will tell my friends about you guys, take care.

Lilly from Spain

Thanks for the editing, super quality and prompt service.

Aurick from Germany

very good service, professional standard and kept me informed at all times, thank you

Magnilde from Austria

Nice communication, perfect proofreading and I will most definitely will recommend you to my friends, ciao tutti

Renzo from Italy

I just got accepted at UCL thanks to your proofreading, I will be using your professor again.

Mohsen from Kuwait

thank you professor for editing my thesis, I you were very helpful and I truly appreciate your comments and the extra arguments that included in my final chapter.

Bong from Korea

I used you before and I am still very happy with your proofreading service, you know about law more than any other websites. Thank you professor for your yellow comments.

Hafwa from UAE

I have spent about $4600 so far using two proofreading websites to edit my thesis but never made it to oral examination until I used you guys. Both websites made fewer changes only to my thesis and seems to have no knowledge about law and what was my thesis all about. I wish I had come to you first and saved money and time. Thanks a lot for your excellent proofreading work, I have been set for an oral examination and will let you know what my supervisors comments are.

Abdullah from Saudi Arabia

Great staff to deal with and very professional proofreading standard, especially my citations and the conclusion which impressed my supervisor right away.

Duncan from USA

thank you professor for all the comments you made, I did not know my thesis was full of errors, I am very happy with your work and I will be sending my next chapter next month.

Ibtisam from Saudi Arabia

This was my second attempt to get my writing sample accepted by one of UK top universities, I used a much cheaper proofreading website who did not know anything about Oxford reference code for my first attempt, but now having used your proofreading service and my sample got accepted I want to thank you dr Allan so much for your contribution and I will be coming back to you for my next writing.

Meleni from Australia

very good proofreading service, expensive but worth it. thank you

Stue from Japan

Proofreading was very professional, delivery was on time and I recommend you to all.

Waldemar from Russia

a friend of mine recommended you to me and I must say: you get all the ticks, you found a mistake in every line, I am very happy to found you and I will come back for my phd next year, thank you again, bye

Chunhua from China

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