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Our editing and proofreading service offers more than just proofreading your thesis or dissertation. If you do some research we think that you will find almost all proofreaders simply read your work and correct obvious spelling and grammar errors. If they are not law graduates or law professors they will most likely have no idea whether your terminology is correct and they will not even notice incorrect word choices.

This is especially important for an LLM or a PhD candidate who speaks English as a second language (ESOL). You cannot always discern the correct word for a particular legal context since you are not completely familiar with English legal terminology. Even specialist translators sometimes choose the wrong word for a particular legal context because they are translating – they lack the knowledge about the law in English to choose the correct terminology for the correct context.

Before you submit, you need a professional law proofreader to read your work carefully for total readability, not just pick up the obvious errors. Our proofreaders have instructions to treat this work as if it were their own and to take 100 percent care with all aspects of the proofreading and editing process.

Their work is double-checked and they also have specialist Microsoft Word technical support. Most proofreaders will not bother with formatting problems – ours will. Most proofreaders will not know how to fix technical problems such as those problems that occur when an Arabic document is displaying poorly in English. We have specialist Microsoft Word technicians on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide 100 percent support to all our proofreaders. That means that your document will have the best overall proofreading and editing service available.

You will get much more than just a spelling and grammar check. We can assure you of that. And we promise to deliver your work on time, according to your schedule, or we won’t take it on.


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