Is your proofreader a law professor?

law thesis proofreading

Anyone who is fluent in English can be a proofreader, right? Well, actually, that’s quite wrong. Some people think they can proofread simply because they have string English skills, or they have a university degree. Don’t be tempted to send your LLM or PhD thesis, your essay, your conference abstract or your law review article to someone who merely has a university degree and is fluent in English. It takes a lot of specialist expertise to do a proper proofreading job and when you send your work to us you can be guaranteed that your work will be proofread by a law professor who has a PhD – in law! We believe that there is no other proofreading service available which guarantees this.

What does that mean for you? It means that someone who has the same academic standing as your supervisor will be proofreading your work – and that makes all the difference because only a law professor has the academic background needed to proofread a piece of legal writing. Please don’t be cheated by the cheaper services you can certainly find online – you will probably have your work read by a struggling student who is trying to make a few extra dollars on the side.