How to write a research proposal in law for LLM & PhD students

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To get accepted into a PhD program in law requires you to write an impressive research proposal. For some people, this is easy and they get in on their first attempt. For others, it can take several attempts and for some, they will never have their proposal accepted in their university of choice.

They may have to settle for a less than reputable university or they may have to give up on their dream of writing their LLM or PhD thesis altogether. Every university has their own guidelines for writing a research proposal. Our advice to you is to check online for your target university’s research proposal before you begin writing. If you can’t find it online, email them directly and ask whether they have guidelines for their research proposals.

Some universities want to see a literature review, some do not. Some universities want to see a rough timeline, others do not.All universities want a working title, a summary of the background t to the research, an outline of your ideas and the overall context of the legal issues that you will address.

All universities want to know how you will carry out your research so you will need to tackle the concept of methodology. All universities want to see your research objectives and most of them would like to see your ur key research questions. All universities want an impressive research proposal which displays originality of thought and clarity of thinking.

We can assist you in putting your best foot forward and hopefully get your foot in the door of an LLM or a PhD law program. Post-graduate studies are competitive – every law student would love the chance to gain an LLM or a PhD. If you want your dream of a postgraduate law degree to come true then our advice is to send your draft proposal to us before you submit it. You may only get one chance to submit your research proposal so it will pay to spend a bit of time getting it right.

We will edit and proofread your thesis to ensure that you ideas are clearly communicated to the committee that considers your proposal. We will discuss your ideas with you and we will make suggestions on how you might strengthen your research proposal. Every law thesis or dissertation has to start with a great research proposal. We can help make yours the best it can possibly be.

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