How to write a law research proposal

that will be accepted

Finding potential law topics is half the battle towards achieving a successful PhD or SJD – finding a topic takes time and it involves research. A law student needs to find a law topic that is important but has not been explored by other scholars. Originality and relevance lie at the heart of excellent legal research. At Law Thesis Proofreading we offer advice on topics and thesis statements.

– How do I start writing a research proposal?
– What topic should I be searching for?
– Has anyone else written on my topic?
– Where do I find materials for a law research proposal?

Some universities want a literature review, others don’t require it. Some want a timeline for completion, others do not require it. Some have a strict word limit, others do not mention it at all

All these questions can be hard to find an answer to on your own.

Being law lecturers at universities we know the guidelines for accepting research proposals, we examine and supervise other students on a daily basis and we are well aware of what universities’ expectations and requirements are for research proposals.

Let one of our law professors write for you a research proposal in no time.

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