Editing process


The document is received from our client and is initially reviewed by the Submissions Manager to ensure that all the necessary details are received and the client’s instructions are clear. We then email you to confirm that your submission has been received and that the appropriate service has been correctly requested. In addition, we may request other details or clarification (e.g. what citation style is appropriate) if there should be any need to do so.


A law professor who has knowledge in the relevant area of law will be assigned to review your document. They will write a short report which will accompany your document and be forwarded to the editor's Selection Manager. The law professor will give their comments on, among other things, whether the work can be completed within the requested timeframe, whether they are able to be involved with the editing and proofreading of this thesis, and whether any additional information is needed before commencing.


A Law Professor is assigned to your thesis. The Selection Manager will review all the notes that are on your submission and then assign a law professor who will henceforth take care of your thesis until it is returned to you.

Editing and proofreading in progress

Your editor is now in the process of editing and proofreading your document which typically involves checking and correcting the following:

- Spelling, grammar & punctuation
- Clumsy and ambiguous sentences
- Verb tense & subject-verb agreement
- Pronoun-noun agreements
- Paraphrasing, rewriting & rewording
- Improving arguments and flow
- Signposting
- Fine-tuning vocabulary & word-choice
- Punctuation and capitalisation of words
- Consistency with the citation style
- Internal consistency
- Use of acronyms
- Use of abbreviations and symbols
- Repetition and redundancies
- Referencing and citation
- Footnotes are complete and consistent with the chosen style
- Quotations and references
- Correct bibliography and table of contents (if appropriate)

Formatting and printing

Our Graphic Designer will now professionally format your document, styling it for your university’s particular standards. They will also correct any formatting issues, such as unusual gaps in the footnotes, footnote-numbering issues or page-numbering problems. They will prepare the document according to printing industry specifications so that it’s ready to print, should you wish to send your file directly to a printer.

Back to admin

Your completed document is now back with the Administration team, who will contact you to finalise the release of your document.


You are now confident to submit your thesis to your supervisors knowing that two law professors have comprehensively edited and proofread your thesis. You have done everything possible to ensure that your thesis reflects your ideas and arguments.

Free Editing Review

After you have submitted your thesis, your supervisors or examiners might ask you to make some changes before they will accept the work. We guarantee that we will review those post-submission comments and we will make the changes requested by your supervisors/examiners free of charge. If the changes are substantial we can still assist you but there may be a small additional charge, depending on the extent of the changes required. Our Free Editing Review Guarantee gives you peace of mind that 'we have your back'.