Clearly engaging in copyright infringement

It's quite shocking to see that seven of the well-known proofreading websites who quite frankly find us threatening have copied text and business features from our website.

Plagiarism Screening You are now told. Beware!

We are drawing this to your attention to warn you that sites such as these, that openly copy text from a competitor, are clearly engaging in copyright infringement. Whilst that illegal act might not bother you, something else certainly should: academic integrity is not a priority for “proofreaders” who copy and paste from a competitor’s web site and pass it off as their own. Even a first year university student will be well aware of the perils of submitting plagiarised work. It can result not only in a failed grade but being kicked out of a university for academic dishonesty.

So, here’s some food for thought: if these sites copied our text without any attribution, and pasted it into their website advertising, they are going to have no hesitation doing the same when they are correcting your work. They are not ethical, that’s their problem. Don’t let it become your problem by submitting work written by people who are happy to plagiarise. Your academic career could be ruined but they will already have your proofreading fee so they won’t care! If you want your work proofread to the highest standards – and you want to avoid any allegations of plagiarism from your university’s discipline committee – don’t risk sending your work to those proofreading cowboys. If they cost a lot less, there’s going to be a reason for that.

One more thing…they actually can’t copy some parts of our website. We promise that all work submitted will be proofread by law professors – and you will be able to check that yourself when you learn the name of your proofreader. You should google them and find out all about them and their publications. Our competitors can’t copy that because…they don’t offer that level of service. They have students, undergraduates and others who are unqualified, ready to earn some extra cash by reading your work. The choice is yours but if you want it done properly, and you want your work plagiarism-free, we can deliver what others simply cannot. It comes down to this: how important is this your thesis to you?