Before you pay for a proofreading service

law thesis proofreading

Before you pay for a proofreading service, do the following So, you have finished (or nearly finished) your LLM thesis or a chapter in your PhD thesis, or your law review article or your very important essay or term paper. Congratluations! You are nearly finished. You know that you need a proofreader to read it through and correct the errors before you can submit. How do you choose one? Do you choose the first one that pops up in your Google search? The ones that pop up first have paid for an ad so that they can be at the top of the first page. That does not mean they offer the best service – it just means that they have spent considerable money on advertising.

Here is some brief advice. First, we recommend that before you choose your proofreading service, you make sure that you will have the name and contact details of your proofreader and that you will be able to contact your proofreader whenever you wish. If that’s not possible, run a mile! Second, ask if they have law professors with PhDs in law doing the proofreading. If they don’t want to answer, or the answer is ‘no’, or ‘sometimes’, again, run a mile! Thirdly, ask if they can proofread a couple of pages of your work and send it to you with the ‘Track Changes’ tool showing how they edited it. If they decline to do that, don’t even consider them. If they send it back to you, send it to another service and do the same thing. Then, compare the samples – you will notice that not all proofreaders were created equal!