Avoid ghostwriters for your thesis

law thesis proofreading

We all know that there are services offered online whereby you can have your work ‘ghostwritten’ for you. That is, you tell someone what you need and they do the writing. We don’t do that. Why not? Simply because it’s unethical and we will not go down that track with any client. We are completely against ghostwriting and so are all our proofreaders. We are here to help anyone who has a piece of writing – especially legal writing – and they need it to be polished to the required academic standard. However, we do not offer any ghostwriting services. If that’s what you are looking for, sorry, you will have to find some dodgy, unethical outfit to do that for you.

Of course, it’s cheating – to submit something that you didn’t write yourself. We have read ghostwritten essays and they are pretty easy to spot. Your supervisor will be able to tell very quickly if you wrote the material or not. Sooner or later cheats always get found out. It could ruin your reputation and your potential career. Our advice is this: have a go and do the research and writing yourself. It might not be perfect but when you are finished, submit it to us and we can help you improve your grammar and polish your writing so that it completely represents what you want to say. The golden rule is: don’t ever be tempted to ask someone to write your material for you. It’s a fastrack to failure.


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